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Civil engineering is perhaps the broadest of the engineering fields, for it deals with the creation, improvement, and protection of the communal environment, providing facilities for living, industry and transportation, including large buildings, roads, bridges, canals, railroad lines, airports, water-supply systems, dams, irrigation, harbors, docks, aqueducts, tunnels, and other engineered constructions. Our civil engineers have a thorough knowledge of all types of surveying, of the properties and mechanics of construction materials, the mechanics of structures and soils, and of hydraulics and fluid mechanics.


Here the firm offers traditional consultancy services in Civil/Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical Waste Management and Water Resource Engineering for both building and other civil facilities, like roads, bridges, boreholes, dams earth bunkers.

These services are covered in the following activities: -
• Project Feasibility Studies
• Engineering Calculations and Designs
• Project Cost Estimating
• Post Contract Supervision.